The Vineyards & Wines of the South West

South West France has many fine indigenous grape varieties which combined with a wide range of soils results in an extraordinary diversity of wines. From the famous Malbec wines of Cahor to fresh dry whites, rosé and sparkling wines.

Cahors, the capital of the Lot region, is the birthplace of Malbec wines, the distinctive deep red wine known by its medieval nickname of ‘Black Wine’ due to its deep, dark colour. During the Middle Ages, the ‘Black Wine’ was drunk all over Europe by kings, emperors and Popes.

CHATEAU DE CHAMBERT Chateau de Chambert
Cahors’ largest organic domaine, producing Malbec wines since 1690
Since 1690 Chateau Chambert vineyard’s already covered the finest terroir of the upper plateau of Cahors, in South-West France.

However there are a very large number of vineyards in the region and many offer free tasting and wine tours. They sell direct to the public as well as exporting all over the world.


Loubas offers guided wine tours which will take you to some of the best vineyards in the area where you can taste the wines and if you wish purchase some to enjoy at Loubas or take home.



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