You are on holiday in Quercy. Why not enjoy the pure dark skies of the region ? Indeed, some places have been tested as the darkest places in France and in Europe.

In Fumel you can have access to some of the best equipped amateur facilities to watch the stars and the planets. The Observatoire du Fumélois, run by the GAP47, a club of amateurs, is ready to welcome you every Friday, with or without a prior call.


What we can do for you – Our programme and how to find us

The observatory is open all year round. Normal days for the visits are Fridays (from 9 p.m. till late into the night) if you come unexpectedly. You’ll always find us ready to show you around the buildings and embark for a sky tour with you.

Some of us can improvise a visit in English but if you want to make sure one English-speaker is available do not hesitate to phone beforehand. We can also organize special nights if you are a group from 8 to 15. Just make sure you contact us at least 10 days ahead.

In bad weather we can still propose a discovery of the sky in the planetarium (12 people) and a visit of the instruments
The observatory is situated next to the Montayral airfield, on top of the hills, south of the village.

The best way to reach us is from the centre of the village. When you come from the Leclerc roundabout (half-way between Fumel and Montayral), go south and drive through the village, leaving the village square to your right. Some 2 kilometres after the roundabout in the village, you’ll find a road-sign signaling the airfield and “astronomie” to the right. Follow this direction. Once you get to the top of the road, after two sharp turns, go right and drive past the airfield (the sheds are on the left handside, overlooking the road). Go ahead some 400 metres. You can’t miss the white domes of the observatory.

Please, turn your headlights down as you get nearer the observatory.

For more information. tel : 05 53 70 82 81 or email :

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